Freeze-Thaw Behavior of FRP-Confined Concrete under Sustained Load


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Title: Freeze-Thaw Behavior of FRP-Confined Concrete under Sustained Load

Author(s): A. Kong, A. Fam, and M.F. Green

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 230


Appears on pages(s): 705-722

Keywords: concrete; confinement; creep; durability; fiber reinforcedpolymer (FRP); freeze-thaw; sustained load; wraps

Date: 10/1/2005

Fiber-reinforced polymers (FRPs) are effective in strengthening concretestructures. However, little work has examined the effects of cold regions on thebehavior of the strengthened members, particularly the combined effects of sustainedloading and freeze-thaw exposure. This paper presents the results of an experimentalstudy on the durability of 70 normal weight, low strength, and non-air entrainedconcrete cylinders (150 x 300mm). The cylinders were confined with glass-FRP (GFRP)sheets or carbon-FRP (CFRP) sheets and exposed to 300 freeze-thaw cycles while undersustained axial compression loads. FRP-wrapped cylinders showed exceptionaldurability performance after their extreme exposure to freeze-thaw and sustainedloading with a maximum of 12% reduction in strength. Some CFRP wrapped cylindersthat were exposed to freeze-thaw without longitudinal restraint, by means of sustainedloads, and all the plain concrete cylinders were completely disintegrated with virtuallyzero residual strength.