Design Guidelines for the Strengthening of Existing Structures with FRP in Italy


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Title: Design Guidelines for the Strengthening of Existing Structures with FRP in Italy

Author(s): L. Ascione, A. Benedetti, R. Frassine, G. Manfredi, G. Monti, A. Nanni, C. Poggi, and E. Sacco

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 230


Appears on pages(s): 481-498

Keywords: design guidelines; fiber-reinforced polymers; masonry structures; reinforced concrete structures; seismic strengthening

Date: 10/1/2005

A regulatory document was issued by the National Research Council (CNR) ofItaly on the use of FRP for strengthening structures: ‘Instructions for Design, Executionand Control of Strengthening Interventions by Means of Fibre-reinforced Composites’(2004). Emphasis is also given to specific requirements for seismic applications.This document, described in more details in the paper, sets for the first time in Italysome standards for production, design and application of FRP for reinforced concreteand masonry constructions. It is also conceived with an informative and educationalspirit, which is crucial for the dissemination, in the professional sphere, of themechanical and technological knowledge needed for an aware and competent use ofsuch materials.The document is the result of a remarkable joint effort of almost all professors andresearchers involved in this emerging and promising field, from 15 universities, of thetechnical managers of major production and application companies, and of therepresentatives of public and private companies that use FRP for strengtheningartifacts. Thus, the resulting FRP code naturally incorporates the experience andknowledge gained in ten years of studies, researches and applications of FRP in Italy.