Out-of-Plane Bending of URM Walls Strengthened with FRP Strips –Modeling and Analysis


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Title: Out-of-Plane Bending of URM Walls Strengthened with FRP Strips –Modeling and Analysis

Author(s): E. Hamed and O. Rabinovitch

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 230


Appears on pages(s): 249-268

Keywords: analysis; cracking; debonding; FRP; masonry; out-of-planebending; strengthening; theoretical modeling

Date: 10/1/2005

The modeling and analysis of un-reinforced masonry walls strengthenedwith externally bonded unidirectional composite laminates and subjected to out-of-plane loading is investigated. The model is based on variational principles, staticequilibrium, and compatibility between the structural components, which include themasonry units (blocks), the mortar joints, the FRP strips, and the adhesive layers. Themodeling of the masonry block and the mortar joints follows the small displacementsand the Bernoulli-Euler beam theories. The strengthening FRP strips are modeledfollowing the lamination theory and the adhesive layers are modeled as twodimensional linear elastic continuum. The effects of cracking of the mortar joints andthe debonding of the composite laminates near the mortar joints are also considered. Anumerical example is presented. The numerical results quantitatively describe some ofthe phenomena that govern the behavior of the strengthened wall and may lead to itsfailure. A summary and conclusions close the paper.