Polymeric Admixtures as Bonding Agent between Tire Rubber and Concrete Matrix


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Title: Polymeric Admixtures as Bonding Agent between Tire Rubber and Concrete Matrix

Author(s): A.C. de Albuquerque, N.P. Hasparyk, M.A.S. Andrade, and W.P. de Andrade

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 229


Appears on pages(s): 479-496

Keywords: admixtures; bond; concrete; mechanical properties; scanning electron microscopy; tire rubber

Date: 9/1/2005

In this research, three types of different surface treatments were used: acrylic, vinylic and styrene-butadiene polymeric admixtures in order to improve the bond between rubber and cement. Specimens of concrete were evaluated considering the incorporation of three different sizes of tire rubber, and applied in five treated and untreated contents (5% to 25%), resulting in a total of 31 different conditions of analysis . It was observed that the concrete specimens with incorporating of treated tire rubber had its mechanical behavior improved compared to those without treatment. In addition, rubber particles with 1.5 mm in dimension featured a minor negative influence on the concrete properties when compared to the reference and the ones with 0.42 mm and 4.8 mm particles. Some concrete samples were selected to be analyzed by scanning electron microscopy in order to correlate microstructure with their properties.