Properties of Expansive-Ultra High-Strength Concrete


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Title: Properties of Expansive-Ultra High-Strength Concrete

Author(s): M. Suzuki, I. Maruyama, and R. Sato

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 228


Appears on pages(s): 1159-1174

Keywords: autogenous shrinkage; expansive additive; heat ofhydration; high-strength concrete; shrinkage-reducing admixture

Date: 6/1/2005

In order to decrease cross sectional area of structural members, ultra high strength concrete with compressive strength over 150 MPa is required for building structural members, which needs no steam curing. In the present study, concrete is made of silica fume cement which is composed of low heat type cement and silica fume and demonstrates high compactability. Compressive strength of the concrete with water to binder ratio of 0.15 and the effect of hydration heat of binder on compressive strength are investigated experimentally. Effectiveness of expansive additive on reduction of autogenous shrinkage is also investigated. According to the experiment, compressive strength over 150 MPa is gained by adopting appropriate aggregates without steam curing at early ages, while the strength of full sized specimens decreased about 10 % at the age of 91 days. Autogenous shrinkage was reduced from more than 700x10-6 to 0 by expansive additive and shrinkage-reducing admixture. However, expansive additive leads to strength reduction of about 10 %.