Research, Development, and Application of High-Performance Concrete in China: A National Report


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Title: Research, Development, and Application of High-Performance Concrete in China: A National Report

Author(s): N.-Q. Feng, J.-H. Yan, and G.-F. Peng

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 228


Appears on pages(s): 1027-1044

Keywords: durability; high-performance concrete; mineral admixtures; superplasticizer; ultra-fine powders

Date: 6/1/2005

In this paper, a national report on HPC technologies in China is presented. The paper covers development and application of ultra-fine mineral admixtures and study of the mechanism of their influence on properties of HPC, development and application of new types of superplasticizer, early-age properties of HPC, measurement and evaluation of HPC’s durability, and durability design of HPC. Proper exploitation, consumption, and recycling of natural resource, and saving of energy are an important subject associated with both concrete technology and ecology. In this respect, HPC is the main direction of concrete development in the future, owing to its high durability, long service life and more efficient application of natural resource. Besides the strength requirement, durability of concrete should be designed specifically for its application environment. Durability design is becoming more and more important. In China, especially in Western China where severe salt corrosion and frost action exist either in water or underground, a large number of bridges and railways are to be built. New type of HPC needs to be developed to meet the requirements of these construction projects.