Deflection of a Concrete Beam and Slab Roof


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Title: Deflection of a Concrete Beam and Slab Roof

Author(s): Russel S. Fling

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 161


Appears on pages(s): 1-24

Keywords: beams (supports); cracking (fracturing); creep properties; deflection; flexural strength; load tests (structural); prestressing; reinforced concrete; slabs; statistical analysis; stiffness; structural analysis; torsion; Structural Research

Date: 4/1/1996

An 8000 sq ft (740 sq m) portion of an industrial building was load tested and vertical movements measured to an accuracy of 0.0043 in. (0.11 mm). Measured deflections were compared to those estimated before testing and to revised estimates after testing. Using simplified procedures and judicious estimates of design parameters, computed deflection normally should be within 40 percent of actual average deflection; the coefficient of variation should be less than 50 percent. With a complete and accurate selection of design parameters, the accuracy and statistical variability can be improved to 15 and 40 percent, respectively.