The European Standard for Structural Bearings


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Title: The European Standard for Structural Bearings

Author(s): Agostino Marioni

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 164


Appears on pages(s): 1187-1198

Keywords: Bridge bearings; bridges (structures) manufacturing; quality control; specifications; standards; structural design.

Date: 11/1/1996

The paper reports about the progress of the European Standards on Structural Bearings, currently under preparation by the technical committee CEN TC 167 under the co-ordination of the author with the collaboration of experts from all EEC and EFTA nations. The objective is the standardisation of all kinds of structural bearings utilised in structures of civil engineering. The standard includes recommendations for the design, specifications for materials, manufacture and installation, criteria for testing and maintenance. Last but not least the standard gives very strict requirements for the conformity evaluation and for the qualification of the manufacturer. The standard is today entirely drafted and nearly entirely approved by the commission. However the necessary procedures for the official translation into the three official languages and the formal vote from all nations participating to CEN will require another 2 years until the standard will became in force. When it will become official the European standard will undoubtedly be a world-wide point of reference for structural bearings and antiseismic devices.