Replacement of Expansion Joint of "Rabindra Setu" (Howrah Bridge), Calcutta, India


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Title: Replacement of Expansion Joint of "Rabindra Setu" (Howrah Bridge), Calcutta, India

Author(s): Subrata Datta, Mukul Ray and Tarak Nath Mitra

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 164


Appears on pages(s): 481-496

Keywords: Bridges (structures); control joints; history; repairs; steels.

Date: 11/1/1996

This paper deals with the very interesting subject of replacement of Expansion Joints of a 50 year old balanced cantilever steel bridge by judiciously using a set of reinforced elastomeric slab seal type expansion joint. The expansion joints installed 50 years ago have been corroded and eroded with time, damaging even the replacement systems which might have been provided originally. As the replacement is being done on a bridge which is on regular use the entire work is being carried out in the night only. Care has been taken to ensure possibility of replacement of the elastomer slab seal at later dates, if necessary, by providing stainless steel fixing bolts nuts and stainless steel bed plates. The specification and methods used for fixing reinforced elastomer slab seal units have been elaborately dealt with in this paper. The paper also contains four drawings and three photographs showing various relevant details of the bridge and the expansion joints.