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Title: SP-211: Large-Scale Structural Testing

Author(s): Editors: Mohsen A. Issa and Y.L. Mo

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 211


Appears on pages(s): 372


Date: 2/1/2003

SP-211 This Symposium Publication contains 16 papers presented at the 2003 ACI Spring Convention in Vancouver, BC, Canada. To date, most structural tests are based on small-scale tests to verify the accuracy of analytical models. Small-scale tests can allow the mechanics (modes) of failure to be examined carefully at a fractional cost of full-scale testing. Full-scale tests render the realistic behavior of structures; however, they require large-scale testing facilities and an enormous amount of manpower in addition to being very expensive to set up and run. Whether large or small in scale, testing of structures and structural components are deemed vital in predicting field performance. This document demonstrates the effective use of various facilities to provide the realistic behavior of concrete structures through large-scale testing.


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