Studies on High-PerformanceConcrete Structural Members


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Title: Studies on High-PerformanceConcrete Structural Members

Author(s): B. Vijaya Ranigan

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 159


Appears on pages(s): 117-134

Keywords: bonding; columns (supports); composite construction (concrete and steel, etc.); high-performance concretes; high-strength concretes; reinforced concrete; shear properties; slenderness ratio; splicing; structural design; walls; Materials Research

Date: 2/1/1996

High Performance/High Strength Concrete (HPC/HSC) has been used in a number of projects in Australia. Research on HPC/HSC is currently in progress in a number of centers around the country. The author and his research team at Curtin University have been engaged in research on the behavior and the strength of HPC/HSC structural members for the past five years. The research comprises experimental and analytical studies on columns under eccentric compression, structural walls subjected to horizontal and vertical loads, shear strength of beams, bond strength and bar splice lengths, and concrete-filled steel tubular composite columns. The test specimens were made using the HPC/HSC supplied by a commercial ready mix plan in Perth, Western Australia. The research was funded by the Australian Research Council Grants and by the industry. This paper summarizes the application of HPC/HSC in Australia, the current research at Curtin, and the future research needs.