Corrosion Performance of Steel-Plated Reinforced Concrete Beams After Long-Term Natural Exposure


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Title: Corrosion Performance of Steel-Plated Reinforced Concrete Beams After Long-Term Natural Exposure

Author(s): Brian Hobbs,S, R. Narayan Swamy, and Mark Roberts

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 165


Appears on pages(s): 101-126

Keywords: adhesives; beams (supports); corrosion; deterioration; exposure; durability; epoxy resins; plates (structural members); reinforced concrete; reinforcing steels; renovating; Materials Research Brian Hobbs, R. Narayan Swamy, and Mark Roberts

Date: 12/1/1996

Extensive research has established that the provision of epoxy bonded steel plates as external reinforcement can be effective and efficient in enhancing the serviceability and ultimate strength of reinforced concrete beams. This plate bonding technique has many technical and practical advantages and provides an economic means of strengthening and rehabilitating damaged and/or deteriorated structures. There is, however, only limited data on the long term performance and durability of such strengthened beams. This paper presents the results of a comprehensive test program in which 21 steel plated reinforced concrete beams, both unloaded and loaded, were exposed to natural weathering for up to 12 years, without any maintenance, in an industrially polluted area. The main variables investigated include adhesive thickness, number of plates, and number and location of plate laps. The beams were examined in great detail after the exposure period; the extent of corrosion damage and the mechanisms of deterioration due to this exposure are critically evaluated and presented.