Column-Pile Joints Made of Steel Pipes Flled with Concrete


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Title: Column-Pile Joints Made of Steel Pipes Flled with Concrete

Author(s): Hideaki Takano

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 164


Appears on pages(s): 289-298

Keywords: concretes; failure mechanisms; loads (forces); piles; pipe columns; pipe joints; Materials Research

Date: 11/1/1996

For a connection of a column and pile made of concrete-filled steel pipes with different diameters, a simple overlap joint in which a smaller diameter pipe is inserted by the specific length to a larger diameter pipe with concrete filled between them has been proposed as an economical and effective joint system. In the present paper, the load- carrying capacities and failure mechanisms of the present joint system are experimentally investigated. The experiments indicate that the ultimate and yield loads increase proportionally with the increase of the overlap length and the wall thickness of pile pipes. In addition, a method to predict ultimate loads of the present joints has been proposed.