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Title: Laboratory Study of Fatigue of Polymer-Modified Porous Concrete for its Use as Top Layer of Concrete Pavements

Author(s): Miguel Angel Pindado

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 166


Appears on pages(s): 123-140

Keywords: fatigue (materials); laboratories; layered system; pavements; polymer concrete; tests; Materials Research

Date: 12/1/1996

The use of porous materials as top layers of pavements is currently increasing in several European countries due to their noise absorption effect and an improvement in the drainage properties of the pavement. These effects are considered essential because of environmental and safety reasons. In this context, porous concrete is being studied as an alternative to porous asphalt. Since the porosity of this material significantly reduces its strength, some additions, in particular polymers, are required to obtain adequate mechanical properties and durability. These additions increase the cost of the pavement. To counteract this, the thickness of porous material is reduced to a thin layer; a bottom dense concrete, bonded to the porous top, must be laid. One such study was carried out by Dutch, German, and Spanish companies within the scope of a research project funded by the European Commission. This project included the analysis of noise production mechanism and noise measurement, the study of the behavior of porous concrete, the construction of test sections, the investigation of low noise by surface treatment, and the assessment and establishment of a practice code and guideline for the design and construction of porous concrete pavements. With respect to the laboratory research on porous concrete, the main objective was the definition of several mix compositions and a study of their characteristics of behavior. This paper presents the results obtained in the fatigue testing program carried out in this research project. It included compressive strength tests, the definition of the W÷hler curves (S-N diagrams) for several polymer contents and for different stress ratios, and the statistical analysis of experimental results.


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