“X-ray Vision” for Cement-Based Materials


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Title: “X-ray Vision” for Cement-Based Materials

Author(s): Maria C. Garci Juenger

Publication: Concrete International

Volume: 26

Issue: 12

Appears on pages(s): 38-41

Keywords: x-ray computed tomography; CT; CAT; hydration; imaging

Date: 12/1/2004

Alongside the never-ending quest to see increasingly smaller things in their natural environment is a dream of getting three-dimensional information on that system. Another “X-ray vision” technique, called X-ray computed tomography (CT), allows three-dimensional images of cement and concrete to be obtained with increasingly higher resolution in wet or dry environments. A brief description of CT as it is being currently applied to the study of concrete is presented in this article. The hope is that, in the future, the CT resolution will improve enough to allow even more realistic imaging of cement hydration.