Corrosion of Steel in Marine Concrete: Long-Term Half-Cell Potential and Resistivity Data


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Title: Corrosion of Steel in Marine Concrete: Long-Term Half-Cell Potential and Resistivity Data

Author(s): Daksh Baweja, Harold Roper, and Vute Sirvivatnanon

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 163


Appears on pages(s): 89-110

Keywords: blast furnace slag; blended cements; chlorides; corrosion tests; durability; fly ash; half-cell potential; performance; underwater structures; Materials Research

Date: 8/1/1996

Presents some results from a major research project carried out on corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete. The performance of a range of portland and blended cement concretes containing fly ash and blast furnace slag exposed to simulated marine conditions was evaluated over a period of six years. A large amount of data relating to corrosion of embedded steel in concrete was obtained in this project. Long-term half-cell potential data on reinforcement within concrete slabs and resistivity data on the same concrete specimens are considered in detail in this paper. Rates of corrosion of steel in concrete were also measured using potentiodynamic anodic polarization procedures. Trends observed in the data were different for the portland and blended cement concretes investigated. It was found that concrete resistivity may influence the measured half-cell potential of steel in concrete. This factor needs to be taken into account for half-cell potential data interpretations.