Stress-Strain Relationship of Reinforced Concrete Subjected to Biaxial Tension


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Title: Stress-Strain Relationship of Reinforced Concrete Subjected to Biaxial Tension

Author(s): Jae-Yeol Cho, Nam-Sik Kim, Nam-So Cho, and Young-Sun Choun

Publication: Structural Journal

Volume: 101

Issue: 2

Appears on pages(s): 202-208

Keywords: reinforced concrete; reinforcement ratio; stress-strain; tension

Date: 3/1/2004

Uniaxial and biaxial tension tests of 13 reinforced concrete panels were conducted to derive a model equation for the stress-strain relationship of concrete under tension. The main test variables were the reinforcement ratio and the applied load ratio in two directions. Test results showed that concrete carries substantial tensile stress even after initial cracking. The stress-strain relationship of concrete in biaxial tension was derived using the behavior and theory of reinforced concrete members subjected to uniaxial tension. The application of this proposed stress-strain relationship for concrete, however, is limited to cases where the direction of reinforcement coincides with the direction of the applied principal stresses.