Heat Curing of High-Performance Concrete Containing Type III Cement


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Title: Heat Curing of High-Performance Concrete Containing Type III Cement

Author(s): Seamus F. Freyne, Bruce W. Russell, and Thomas D. Bush, Jr.

Publication: Materials Journal

Volume: 100

Issue: 6

Appears on pages(s): 449-454

Keywords: compressive strength; high-performance concrete; precast concrete; water-cementitious material ratio

Date: 11/1/2003

A variety of high-performance concrete (HPC) mixtures were examined under a number of heat curing schemes in parallel with ASTM C 192 standard curing to investigate the effect of curing on compressive strength development. The heat curing schemes were classified as either moderate or intense based on peak temperature of the curing environment. These were intended to simulate the heat curing processes regularly employed in the manufacture of precast/prestressed concrete bridge beams. The study involved 31 different HPC mixtures, each containing Type III cement and many having partial replacement of cement with fly ash, silica fume, and/or slag. Under standard curing, compressive strength results were near 60 MPa (8700 psi) at 1 day and 100 MPa (14,500 psi) at 28 and 56 days. Different mixtures responded differently to heat curing, but, in general, heat curing was found damaging to ultimate strength potential and sometimes even failed to accelerate early strength development.