Self-Compacting Concrete: What Is New?


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Title: Self-Compacting Concrete: What Is New?

Author(s): M. Collepardi

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 217


Appears on pages(s): 1-16

Keywords: bleeding; fly ash; ground fly ash; recycled aggregate; self-compacting concrete; silica fume; superplasticizer

Date: 9/1/2003

The paper summarizes the results on flowing and cohesive superplasticized mixtures studied and placed in the 1970's and 1980's with properties very close to those of Self-Compacting Concretes (SCCs) presently considered to be the most advanced cementitious material. Case histories (from Hong Kong, New York, and Trieste, Italy) concerning placing of superplasticized self-levelling concrete without any vibration at all, published in the 1980's, are re-examined to compare them with the present SCCs. In particular, the paper deals with the ingredients of these mixtures (superplasticizer, cement, fly ash, ground limestone, silica fume, etc.) by examining their specific role in determining the main properties of these concretes, such as fluidity, on the one hand, and resistance to segregation, on the other. Some interesting new materials, such as ground fly ash or powder from recycled aggregates, appear to be very promising for manufacturing SCC in agreement with the requirements needed for sustainable progress.