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Title: Performance Based Design for FRP Strengthening of the Roof Panels of Calgary Saddledome

Author(s): M. Reda Taha, E. Tromposch, G. Tadros, A. Mufti, and C. Klowak

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 215


Appears on pages(s): 385-400

Keywords: fiber reinforced polymer (FRP); performance based design; strengthening

DOI: 10.14359/12879

Date: 8/1/2003

A detailed evaluation, combined with a new snow and wind study, was carried out on the Olympic Saddledome to confirm its ability to support heavier suspended loads. The results of the study confirmed that the main roof cables have sufficient capacity to resist the increased load. However a new snow loading condition, identified in the snow study, had the potential to overstress specific roof panel elements. A finite element analysis of the roof panels supported the conclusion that under the newly identified snow/wind load combination, several roof panels of the Saddledome will face demands that are above the ultimate roof capacity according to the National Building Code of Canada (NBCC 1995). Therefore, it was decided to strengthen selected roof panels of the Saddledome using FRP plates. Special consideration was given for analyzing the effect of creep on the strengthened concrete panels. This was due to the relatively high creep stress expected in the roof panels as a result of using lightweight concrete. It was feared that such high stress might result in creep of the epoxy resins and system debonding under loads lower than that predicted by the analysis. In this paper, Design considerations for the effect of creep are discussed and the results of full scale tests are presented. Performance design for serviceability and deformability of the roof panels was considered. Special provisions in the project specifications were used to ensure satisfactory surface preparation to achieve adequate bond between the FRP laminates and the roof panels. Performance specifications were also developed for the required mechanical and durability characteristics of the FRP strengthening system rather than specifying the type of FRP material.


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