Strengthening of a Bridge Using Two FRP Technologies


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Title: Strengthening of a Bridge Using Two FRP Technologies

Author(s): P. Casadei, N. Galati, R. Parretti, and A. Nanni

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 215


Appears on pages(s): 219-238

Keywords: bridges; carbon fibers; fiber reinforced polymer (FRP); finite element method (FEW load testing; reinforced concrete; strengthening

Date: 8/1/2003

This paper reports on the use of externally bonded fiber reinforced polymers (FRP) laminates and Near Surface Mounted FRP bars for the flexural strengthening of a concrete bridge. The bridge selected for this project is a three-span simply supported reinforced concrete slab with no transverse steel reinforcement, load posted and located on Martin Spring Outer Road in Phelps County, MO. The original construction combined with the presence of very rigid parapets caused the formation of a wide longitudinal crack which resulted in the slab to behave as two separate elements. In order to clarify the behavior of the structure, load tests were performed and a finite element method (FEM) analysis undertaken. The FRP strengthening was designed to avoid further cracking and such that the transverse flexural capacity be higher than the cracking moment. Both FRP techniques were easily implemented and showed satisfactory performance.