FRP for Prestressing of Concrete Bridges in Canada


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Title: FRP for Prestressing of Concrete Bridges in Canada

Author(s): S. Rizkalla and G. Tadros

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 215


Appears on pages(s): 75-90

Keywords: bridges; carbon fibers; concrete; monitoring; optic fibers; prestressing; safety

Date: 8/1/2003

This paper describes the use of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer, CFRP, tendons and rods for prestressing concrete highway bridges completed in 1993 and 1997. Due to the lack of design codes, the paper presents briefly the research work undertaken before the final design of the two bridges. The first bridge is a 75 ft. (23.85 m) span skew bridge, which consists of bulb-tee pre-tensioned girders made continuous with posttensioned steel strands. Four girders were pre-tensioned by two types of CFRP. The second bridge is 541 ft. (165 m) long and consists of five simply supported span girders, 110 ft. (33 m) long. Four girders were prestressed by two different types of CFRP using straight and draped tendons. The AASHTO girders were also reinforced with CFRP stirrups. A portion of the deck slab is reinforced by CFRP reinforcement. Design considerations, safety features and construction of each bridge are described briefly. The paper summarizes also the results of monitoring the behavior of each bridge. The experience gained from these two bridges provides valuable information for the development of the design guidelines, currently under consideration by the ACI Committee 440, Fiber Reinforced Polymer.