Composite RCS Space Frame Systems: Previous and Current Studies


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Title: Composite RCS Space Frame Systems: Previous and Current Studies

Author(s): J. M. Bracci, S. Powanusorn, and J. P. Steele

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 213


Appears on pages(s): 167-184

Keywords: beam-column joint; composite; constructability; frame

Date: 5/22/2003

Composite reinforced concrete column-steel beam (RCS) frame systems initiated in high-rise construction in the United States as perimeter moment framing (tnbular construction) due to the speed of erection, material cost savings, and enhanced lateral load resistance and performance. An overview of traditional RCS frame construction, advantages, previous research, and beam-column joint issues are presented. Then, the idea of using this form of construction for three-dimensional space frames is discussed and previous research on the performance of these systems for zones of high seismic risk is summarized. In a collaborative effort with structural engineers, an expenmental and analytical investigation of composite RCS fiame systems is proposed for low- to mid-rise construction in areas prone to high-level wind storms and/or moderate seismic risk. New beam-column joint connection details that are economically feasible and constructable are presented. The preliminary results from the analytical investigation on the proposed experimental specimen tests during lateral loading are also presented.