High-Strength Concrete with Crushed and Natural Sand


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Title: High-Strength Concrete with Crushed and Natural Sand

Author(s): H. Donza, O. Cabrera, E.F. Irassar, and V. Rahhal

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 207


Appears on pages(s): 193-204

Keywords: compressive strength; elasticity modulus; gel-space ratio; granitic crushed sand; high-strength concrete; natural sand

Date: 10/7/2002

In this paper, the effects of physical and mineralogical characteristics of fine aggregate particles on mechanical properties of high-strength concrete (HSC) are evaluated. Two different sand types were used: natural and granitic crushed sand. Proportions 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100 % were selected to obtain blended sands with continuous changes in their physical and mineralogical characteristics. The properties of concrete were evaluated with these five blended sands. From the research and studies performed up to five years, it was shown that the use of granitic crushed sand in high-strength concrete, (strength range around 80 MPa) is possible. The results show that the influence of fine aggregate on compressive strength is not significant at early age, when rounded particle percentage in sand is increased and the paste volume is keep constant. However, at five years the compressive strength of concrete was higher when the natural sand content was greater than 50 %.