Assessment of Stresses in Reinforcement of Kishwaukee River Bridge


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Title: Assessment of Stresses in Reinforcement of Kishwaukee River Bridge

Author(s): J. Halvonik and M. W. Wang

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 206


Appears on pages(s): 109-122

Keywords: bond, bridge, crack width, shear cracks, shear reinforcement, shear stresses

Date: 4/1/2002

Southbound bridge, as a first part of two Kishwaukee River Bridges, suffers from extensive cracking in the webs since its construction. Eight segments on either side of each pier are heavily cracked. The first part of the article deals with reasons and conditions of this damage. For further investigation it was necessary to determine the most damaged webs of the bridge. The magnitude of steel stresses in shear reinforcement was assumed to be a major criterion for the severity of damage. Varying shear resistance of the joints during construction and after retrofit caused a complex flow of internal forces. Ordinary models for steel stress calculations have become unworkable. Therefore, a model for assessment of stresses in shear reinforcement based on measured crack width has been developped. The model is based on CEB-FIP model for crack width prediction, that was modified for inclined cracks.