Normal Stressis in Reinforced Concrete Sections Under Unsymmetrical Bending


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Title: Normal Stressis in Reinforced Concrete Sections Under Unsymmetrical Bending

Author(s): Michel Bakhoum

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 44

Issue: 4

Appears on pages(s): 669-692

Keywords: none

Date: 4/1/1948

In this paper is treated the problem of unsymmetrical bending, whether pure or compund, in reinforced concrete sections of any shape. Three general solutions (method of centers of action of steel and concrete, product of inertia method and method of successive trial) have been developed. Each can be used separately for finding the exact position of the neutral axis and consequently the distribution of stresses. The three solutions are based on the assumptions of the standard theory and, of course, lead to the same results. However, under certain circumstances the use of one solution may be simpler than the other two. From the results of the numrous examples that have been solved, recommendations are tiven for making the first assumption of the direction of the neutral axis in such a way that the number of trials is considerably reduced.