Restoration of Barker Dam


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Title: Restoration of Barker Dam

Author(s): Raymond E. Davis, E. Clinton Jansen and W.T. Neelands

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 44

Issue: 4

Appears on pages(s): 633-668

Keywords: none

Date: 4/1/1948

There is described a unique method of stabliizing and restoring a 37-year old dam. A 12,500 cu yd blanket of concrete made by the Prepakt method was bonded to the upstream face and was contained behind a permanent form made of precast concrete slabs. The work of erecting the slabs and placing the coarse aggregate behind them was done in the dry during the cold winter months when severe weather conditions would have made impracticable the placement of conventioal concrete. When the reservoir was nearly filled with cold water from melting snow in the mountains, the dam was in the position of nearly maximum downstream deflection, the aggregate mass was grouted under water as a contiumous deflection, the aggregate mass was grouted under water as a continuous operation without cold joints over the full length and height of the dam. The average maximum temperature of the Prepakt concrete mass during the gardening period was only 63 F, and usually occurred about four days after grouting.