Role and Effectiveness of Mineral Admixtures in Relation to Alkali Silica Reaction


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Title: Role and Effectiveness of Mineral Admixtures in Relation to Alkali Silica Reaction

Author(s): R. N. Swamy

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 131


Appears on pages(s): 219-254

Keywords: alkali-silica reactions; cracking (fracturing); deformation; durability; fly ash; microsilica; mineral admixtures; plain concrete; reinforced concrete; slags; Materials Research

Date: 3/1/1992

Paper examines critically the role and effectiveness of mineral admixtures in counteracting the effects of ASR. Tests are reported on plain concrete prisms and reinforced concrete slabs incorporating a slowly reactive but moderately expansive reactive aggregate and containing either fly ash, slag, or microsilica. It is shown that control of expansive strains and consequent cracking are acceptable and satisfactory solutions in many instances, particularly in unreinforced concrete. However, there are many situations where additional factors such as preserving the strength and stiffness of the damaged structure and control of structural distortions are equally important if the safety, stability, and serviceability of ASR-affected structures are to be maintained. Judged on these five significant criteria, data are presented to show that mineral admixtures, when used correctly and at the required level, can control material damage and structural deterioration effectively and substantially, although they may not be able to eliminate all deleterious effects completely and at the same time. Mineral admixtures should not be expected to fulfill such a global and over-protective role, but they have an unequaled, positive, and promising function in contributing to the safety, stability, and durability of concrete materials and concrete structures affected by ASR.