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Title: Influence of Subgrades and Bases on Design of Ridgid Pavements

Author(s): Kenneth B. Woods

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 46

Issue: 1

Appears on pages(s): 329-346

Keywords: no keywords

DOI: 10.14359/12060

Date: 1/1/1950

This paper has been developed from research data, published reports, and experiences gained by observing the performance of both ridgid and flexible pavements - particularly as related to subgrade soil textures and the use of base courses. Structural failures of ridgid pavements, caused by the use of base courses. Structural failures of ridgid pavements, caused by large concentrations of of exceptionally heavy loads, indicate the need for an evauluation of subgrades and bases in determining the most economical design of ridgid slabs. Indications are that the structural capacity of ridigid pavements can be improved by the use of location procedures which utilize the best in topographic position and subgrade soil textures. For inferior situations - in regard to position and soils - the use courses must be evaluated against the economy of using slabs of increased thickness, more reinforcing steel, or combinations of the two. It is concluded that it is not entirely feasible, wiith the present state of knowledge, to standardize ridgid pavement deisgn. Rather, the available data indicate that design practices should be developed by regions in which the subgrade soil, availablity and type of base course materials, climatic conditions, and traffic volumes and loads are evaluated.