Stress Hybrid Embedded Crack Element Analysis for Concrete Fracture


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Title: Stress Hybrid Embedded Crack Element Analysis for Concrete Fracture

Author(s): B. Spencer and P. B. Shing

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 205


Appears on pages(s): 323-346

Keywords: discrete crack; embedded crack: finite element; stress hybrid

Date: 1/1/2002

A stress hybrid element that incorporates an internal displacement dis-continuity is presented for the modeling of concrete fracture. This stress hybrid formulation is superior to similar stiffness-based embedded crack formulations in that it explicitly accounts for boundary tractions so that the equilibrium of the traction fields at the element boundary and the internal crack interface can be enforced in a consistent manner. As a consequence, it also allows for the modeling of crack initiation in an accurate and consistent manner. Numerical examples are provided to compare the performance of the new element to that of a smeared crack model and to demonstrate its superiority in capturing the sliding shear behavior of fractured concrete. The element achieves the realism of the discrete crack approach without the need for remeshing or knowing the location and orientation of a crack a priori.