Cyclic Analysis Of RCC Columns by Macro-Element Approach


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Title: Cyclic Analysis Of RCC Columns by Macro-Element Approach

Author(s): N. Shirai, K. Moriizumi, and K. Terasawa

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 205


Appears on pages(s): 169-190

Keywords: compression softening; confinement; cyclic behaviors; ductility; failure mode; flexural behavior; layer-element model; shear behavior; reinforced concrete column; shear behavior

Date: 1/1/2002

The objective of the present study is to examine the performance of the proposed approach in simulating monotonic and cyclic behaviors of shear-dominated RC columns. The macro-element model is formulated on the basis that the total deformation of the RC column can be decomposed into flexural and shear components. The flexural behavior is simulated by the layered element model, and the shear behavior is simulated by the so-called shear element model. The shear element model is a single plane stress RC element which is developed on the basis of the smeared reinforcement and smeared rotating crack concept. Then, the total model is formulated by coupling these two models in series. Three shear-dominated RC column specimens, tested at the University of California at San Diego, are analyzed under monotonic and cyclic loading. It is shown that the proposed model can reproduce the monotonic and cyclic response behavior reasonably well.