UCSD Shear Column Benchmark Tests


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Title: UCSD Shear Column Benchmark Tests

Author(s): R. K. Dowell and F. Seible

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 205


Appears on pages(s): 15-40

Keywords: ductility; reinforced concrete; seismic loading; seismic retrofit; shear capacity; shear columns; structural tests

Date: 1/1/2002

The paper presents the UCSD reinforced concrete shear columns, and measured test results, which participants have been invited to model as part of a benchmark analysis. Both as-built and seismically retrofitted column results are presented. The columns were l/3-scale, rectangular bridge columns that were loaded in double bending which produces twice the shear force demand of an equivalent cantilever column. While the shear force capacity of the as-built columns was essentially the same, the shear force demand was different for each of the columns due to the use of Grade 40 and Grade 60 vertical steel and due to the different column heights. This resulted in one column failing in a brittle shear manner prior to reaching nominal moment and ductility 1, another failing at displacement ductility 1.5 and the third failing at displacement ductility 3. The challenges to the participants of the benchmark analysis are to capture the peak shear force at failure and post-peak force-deformation behavior for the three as-built columns. In the paper a discussion is presented regarding difficulties with modeling and testing reinforced concrete structures.