Concrete Stress Distribution in Ultimate Strength Design


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Title: Concrete Stress Distribution in Ultimate Strength Design

Author(s): Eivind Hognestad, N. W. Hanson, and Douglas McHenry

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 52

Issue: 12

Appears on pages(s): 455-480

Keywords: no keywords

Date: 12/1/1955

Test data are presented which demonstrate the reality and validity of the fundamental plasticity concepts involved in ultimate strength design theories such as those presented by Whitney, Jensen, and others. A review of earlier experimental investigations regarding the stress distribution in the compression zone of structural concrete flexural members revealed that, though many test methods have heen tried, very limited direct test data are available. On the other hand, considerable information has been derived indirectly from strength and behavior observed in tests of reinforced beams and columns. An eccentrically loaded specimen and a test method were developed which permit the flexural stress distribution to be measured. Complete information regarding the flexural stress distrihution, including stress-strain graphs with a descending curve beyond the maximum stress, is reported for w/c ratios of 1.0, 0.67, 0.50, 0.40, and 0.33 at test, ages of 7, 14, 28, and 90 days.