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Title: Study of Shrinkage in Concrete Frames

Author(s): Morgan B. Klock and Robert R. Sheridan

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 53

Issue: 2

Appears on pages(s): 791-796

Keywords: no keywords

Date: 2/1/1957

During the planning for a building at the Kodak Park Works in 1939, the question of whether to build the frame in two sections with a contraction joint was thoroughly explored. The total length was to be 275 ft; without a joint it would be one of the longest continuous frames in Kodak’s Rochester p l a n t s . It was decided to construct the building as one unit and to undertake a study of shrinkage in the frame. Carlson electric strain meters were buried in the concrete in several locations in four slabs, horizontally and vertically. These have provided most of the data which now make up a l&year record. Drying shrinkage in the order of 500 millionths horizontally and 1000 millionths vertically has been indicated. A limited correlation has been obtained by some direct measurements in the building, which indicate that over-all shrinkage in the frame has been roughly the same as that indicated by the meters. Some observations are made aa to the relative behavior of masonry walls.


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