Re-Proportioning of Concrete Mixtures for Air Entrainment


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Title: Re-Proportioning of Concrete Mixtures for Air Entrainment

Author(s): H. J. Gilkey

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 54

Issue: 2

Appears on pages(s): 633-645

Keywords: no keywords

Date: 2/1/1958

FolloGing a summary of current knowledge of air entrainment, the problems of mixture re-proportioning are presented and illustrated with unit-block solid-volume diagrams. Range of mixtures, from rich to lean, is covered for a structural grade concrete of 3-m. slump and a nominal 4 percent of entrained air. Three specific approaches to the problem of re-proportioning are indicated and illustrated. Revised proportions of the three base mixtures, (rich, medium, and lean) are tabulated and graphed for each of the three tech-niques of adjustment employed. The objective is not only to cover visually and systematically the manipulatory aspects of air entrainment but also to refocus attention upon the unit-block, solid-volume concept as auseful technique and clarifying approach to the better comparative understanding of concrete mixtures in general.