Proportioning, Control, and Field Practice for Lightweight Concrete


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Title: Proportioning, Control, and Field Practice for Lightweight Concrete

Author(s): Truman R. Jones, Jr. and Henson K. Stephenson

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 54

Issue: 12

Appears on pages(s): 527-535

Keywords: no keywords

Date: 12/1/1957

The most common problems encountered in batch proportioning, handling, placing, and finishing of structural quality concrete made with uncoated ex-panded shale and clay aggregates produced in Texas are discussed. Extensive laboratory studies have been made using expanded shale aggregates from three different sources and one expanded clay aggregate. Comments, conclusions, and recommendations are based upon observations made in the laboratory, on several major structures in the field, and at several commercial plants manufacturing lightweight aggregate concrete products. A simple method is presented for the proportioning and control of the concrete batch. Practical solutions are given for certain of the field problems frequently experienced in handling, transporting, and stockpiling the aggre-gates. Practical suggestions for handling, placing, and finishing of the concrete are also discussed.


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