Ultimate Strength Design Charts for Columns Controlled by Tension


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Title: Ultimate Strength Design Charts for Columns Controlled by Tension

Author(s): Tung Au

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 54

Issue: 12

Appears on pages(s): 471-480

Keywords: no keywords

Date: 12/1/1957

Basic design equations for eccentrically loaded concrete columns in this paper are based on the report of the joint ACI-ASCE committee on ultimate strength design.1 To simplify the design procedure for columns with symmetrical rein-forcement or with round cores, design charts were provided in a paper by Whitney and Cohen. 2 While these charts are applicable to eccentrically loaded columns which may be controlled either by tension or compression, it seems that they are not entirely satisfactory for columns controlled by tension due to the close spacing of e’/t lines in this range. To meet such need, this paper examines certain omissions in the ACI-ASCE committee report, and presents a new set of design charts for rectangular sections with symmetrical reinforcement and for square and circular sections with spiral reinforcement which are subjected to combined bending and axial loads and controlled by tension.