Stresses in Reinforced Concrete Sections Subiect to Transient Temperature Gradients*


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Title: Stresses in Reinforced Concrete Sections Subiect to Transient Temperature Gradients*

Author(s): Harold Samelson and Abba Tor

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 55

Issue: 9

Appears on pages(s): 377-386

Keywords: no keywords

Date: 9/1/1958

Authors investigated stresses in walls of underground reinforced concrete cylindrical tanks containing liquids whose temperature varied from 50 to 500 F as a function of time. Stresses were checked for both the straight line tempera-ture gradient, which represents a steady state of heat flow through the tank wall, and for the transient gradient. The transient gradient may be defined by a family of curves, each of which represents the temperature gradient at a given time station. Only the results for sections sufficiently removed from the ends where perturbational effects can be ignored are treated here. Generally temperature stresses in structures are evaluated on the basis of a straight line temperature gradient only. This assumption may be justified in problems dealing with one dimensional heat transfer through thin structural material of relatively high conductivity. However, for relatively thick sections of low conductivity the transient gradient will produce a more severe stress condition. This stress condition which involves the entire section in a smooth variation may last for a considerable period and is not to be neglected under the assumption of a high localized state of stress which is relieved as plastic yield occurs. The outlined solution is limited to problems of one dimensional heat flow.