Relation Between Strength and Maturity of Concrete


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Title: Relation Between Strength and Maturity of Concrete

Author(s): Chin Fung Kee

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 68

Issue: 3

Appears on pages(s): 196-203

Keywords: age-strength relation;cements;compressive strength;concretes;high early strength cements;lightweight aggregate concretes;portland cements; temperature;water-cement ratio.

Date: 3/1/1971

Strength-maturity and strength-age data from several sources are examined. From the results of this examination a new relation is established between strength and maturity. This relation is shownto be valid for the full range of age and of maturity of the test results, some of which are up to 5 years. It is valid for concrete specimens: (1) used subsequently, (2) made with various water-cement ratios, (3) of ordinary portland cement and rapid hardening cement, and (4)of normal as well as of lightweight aggregates. This relation enables the maximum strength of a concrete to be extrapolated from the test results obtained at two differeb=nt ages or maturities.