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Title: Buckling Tests on Rectangular Concrete Panels

Author(s): Stuart E. Swartz, Vernon H. Rosenbraugh, and Mark Y. Berman

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 71

Issue: 1

Appears on pages(s): 33-39

Keywords: bearing walls;bending;box beams;buckling;compression;concrete panels; failure;girder bridges;loads (forces);precast concrete;reinforced concrete; reinforcing steels;shear walls;strains;strength;tests.

Date: 1/1/1974

This paper presents the results of tests on 24, rectangular, reinforced concrete panels which were simply supported along all edges and subjected to uniaxial compression. The panels were constructed of normal weight concrete with design strengths of 2500 and 3000 psi (17.2 MN/m^2 and 20.7 MN/m^2) and were reinforced with two-way, steel wire mesh placed on one and two layers. The panels were all loaded to failure. Faliure was preceeded in each case by plate buckling (biaxial curvature). In all cases the panels failed in a collapse mechanism similar to that for simply-supported plates which are subjected to uniform, transverse loads. The final load-carrying capacites of the panels were greater than their initial buckling capacities by from 1 to 24 percent. Formulas for the prediction of the loads at which buckling in such plates will occur are presented and comparisions made with the experimental results. The formulas are in cloed form and are suitable for design applications.


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