Ambient Thermal Stresses in Circular Prestressed Concrete Tanks


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Title: Ambient Thermal Stresses in Circular Prestressed Concrete Tanks

Author(s): M. J. N. Priestley

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 73

Issue: 10

Appears on pages(s): 553-560

Keywords: cracking (fracturing); deflection; heat transfer;prestressed concrete: solar radiation; stresses; structural analysis;tanks (containers); temperature: tensile stress:thermal gradient; thermal stresser; walls; water tanks: wind pressure.

Date: 10/1/1976

Stresses induced in circular daily variation in ambient conditions are investigated. Transient heat flow analyses are used to show that temperature gradients exceeding 30 C (54 F) can exist through the wall thickness if the effects of solar radiation are considered. The influence of various parameters on the thermal response is investigated. It is shown that tensile stresses as high as 6 Mpa (870 psi) can result from ambient thermal loading on the untracked section, and it is suggested that design should be based on a serviceability requirement rather than a limited tension stress as is current practice.