Hot Weather Concreting


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Title: Hot Weather Concreting

Author(s): ACI Committee 305

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 74

Issue: 8

Appears on pages(s): 317-332

Keywords: admixtures;aggregates;bleeding (concrete);cement content;compressive strength;concrete construction;concrete finishing (fresh concrete);concretes; conveying;cooling;curing;evaporation;field tests;high temperature; hot weather construction;humidity;ice.

Date: 8/1/1977

Concrete mixed, transported, and placed under conditions of high temperature, low humidity, or wind requires an understanding of the effects such environmental factors have on concrete properties and construction operations. When these factors are understood, measures can be taken to eliminate or minimize undesirable effects. The most serious difficulties are experienced in weather and types of construction that are unusual in the experience of those performing the work. This committee report defines hot weather, lists possible unfavorable effects, and presents practices intended to minimize them. Among these practices are such important measures as precooling ingredients, consideration of concrete temperature as placed, length of haul, facilities for handling concrete at the site, and special batching, placing, and curing techniques. A selected bibliography is appended.