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Title: European Concepts of Construction Tolerances

Author(s): Kai Holbek and Povl R. Anderson

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 74

Issue: 3

Appears on pages(s): 101-108

Keywords: concrete construction;construction;construction costs; economics; industrialized buildings;manufacturing;precast concrete;prefabrication;quality control;standard deviation;statistical analysis;structural design;tolerances (mechanics).

Date: 3/1/1977

Tolerances are well established in the European construction industry. This si mainly due to the industrializing of the building industry and the involvement in construction methods by the design engineers. Statistical analysis of deviations has led to establishment of realistic tolerances and enforcement of these by better control methods. Design must be goverend by tolerances, but production should strike a balance, within known limits, between partial and complete compliance with tolerances at the manufacturing stage in order to achieve optimum economical construction. On the basis of European experiences it is possible to develop a rational approach to tolerance principals, preferred sizes, and applications to manufacturing and site work. The authors believe that the North American construction industry might learn from these experiences in its own development of tolerances as a tool for improving construction economics.


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