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Title: Evaluation of Test Methods for Volume Change of Shrinkage-Compensating Grouts

Author(s): J. F. Best and R. 0. Lane

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 78

Issue: 6

Appears on pages(s): 463-470

Keywords: expansion; grout; research; shrinkage; shrinkage-compensating cements;tests; volume change.

DOI: 10.14359/10924

Date: 11/1/1981

Uniform purchase specifications for preblended shrinkage-compensating grouts are difficult to develop mainly due to differing opinions on the desired amount of expansion, the chemical mechanism by which volume change should be achieved, and the appropriate standard test method with which to measure grout volume changes. While different generic types of grouts and amounts of volume change may be required for specific construction applications, uniform performance limits and standard tests are needed to establish consistency in performance and reproducibility of test results. The scope of this laboratory program was to compare results of five standard test methods for measuring volume change of grouts. Each method was used to test four generic types of expanding grouts and a control sand-cement grout, and comparisons were made of the magnitude and variability of volume change measurements for each procedure. Two nonstandard simulated plate tests were also included as qualitative indicators of grout performance. The results provided a basis for ranking the methods in order of the least coefficient of variation for each type of grout. A user’s guide is also tabulated recommending the various generic grout types best suited for particular applications and suggested volume change limits for the recommended standard methods.


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