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Title: Shear Strength of Pipe, Box Sections, and Other One-Way Flexural Members

Author(s): Frank J. Heger and Timothy J. McGrath

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 79

Issue: 6

Appears on pages(s): 470-483

Keywords: concrete pipes; culverts; diagonal tension; flexural strength; precast concrete; reinforced concrete; sewers; shear strength; standards; structural design.

DOI: 10.14359/10921

Date: 11/1/1982

New semiempirical equations for determining the shear strength of one-way flexural members are presented, together with comparisons with test results and with equations in various codes. The shear strength equations presented in this paper include the steel reinforcement ratio e and the ratio of shear span to depth of member M/Vd as major variables. They also include consideration of effects of curvature, and they provide a much more accurate determination of the shear strength of buried pipe, buried box sections, or pipe under three-edge bearing test load than other methods, such as equations in the ACI Building Code or the AASHTO Bridge Specification. They show that shear strength of buried pipe and box sections is about 50 percent higher than strengths obtained by the current Code equations, while shear strength in a three-edge bearing test is about 27.5 to over 100 percent of the strength given by the Code equations. The proposed equations also give more accurate shear strengths for other one-way flexural members such as footings and heavily loaded slabs.


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