Mexican Natural Pozzolans and the Evaluation of the Specifications Related to their Use


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Title: Mexican Natural Pozzolans and the Evaluation of the Specifications Related to their Use

Author(s): R. Uribe-Afif and R. E. Rodriguez Camacho

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 153


Appears on pages(s): 531-548

Keywords: chemical analysis; compressive strength; glass; petrography; pumice; pozzolan cements; specifications; tests; Materials Research

Date: 6/1/1995

The geological characteristics of Mexico permit an important number of materials to be considered for use as pozzolans in the construction industry. These materials have great importance, due to the relevance to problems of concrete durability. This situation has caused an increase in the use of pozzolanic cement. This increase of use of pozzolanic cement creates a need for characterization of these products and evaluation of their performance based on the specifications related to their use in concrete. Mexican natural pozzolans meet the requirements of the specification, with some deficiencies in some pozzolans. The objective of this work was a detailed characterization of all pozzolans actually used in Mexico and evaluation of their use as an admixture in concrete, using for this purpose ASTM C 311 and C 618. Those particular points of the specifications that are not satisfied completely and the elements that contribute to the fact are discussed in this paper.