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Title: The Stabalization of Aqueous Heavy Metal Species Using Recycled Concrete Fines

Author(s): N. J. Coleman, D. C. Johnson, 0.1. Shtepenko, and C. D. Hills

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 202


Appears on pages(s): 207-224

Keywords: crushed concrete fines; demolition waste; heavy metal stabilization; leaching; recycling; sorbent

DOI: 10.14359/10783

Date: 8/1/2001

The crushing of reclaimed concrete-based demolition waste in the production of recycled aggregate produces a large volume of fine material which is rich in hydrated cement paste phases, the coarser fraction being predominantly composed of aggregate. It is the coarse fraction which is of use in construction and the fine fraction which is destined for landfill. Heavy metal-bearing wastewater and sludge arise from a number of industrial processes including; electroplating, galvanising, metal finishing and battery production. Treatment procedures for aqueous heavy metal-contaminated waste streams include; precipitation, adsorption, ion exchange, membrane filtration and soliditication/stabilisation using cement or lime-based materials. The removal of heavy metal species from aqueous media by the cement-rich fraction of ordinary portland cement-based waste concrete is demonstrated herein. Crushed concrete waste in the particle size range 1 - 2 mm is shown to be effective in the exclusion of a range of heavy metal nitrates (Pb2’, Cr3+, Cu’+, NiZf and Zn*‘) from solution. The leaching characteristics of the metal-impregnated cement matrices are also reported.