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Title: Potential of Crushed Waste Calcined-Clay Brick as a Partial Replacement for Portland Cement

Author(s): R. D. Toledo Filho, B. B. Americano, E. M. R. Fairbairn, J. S. Rolim, and J. F. Filho

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 202


Appears on pages(s): 147-160

Keywords: calcined-clay brick; CO, emissions; cement; cement replacement; concrete; compressive strength

Date: 8/1/2001

This paper evaluates the potential of crushed waste calcined clay brick 3s cement replacement material. The crushed waste was characterised physically, chemically and mineralogically through fineness test, density, chemical composition and X-ray analysis and the consumption of calcium hydroxide determined using differential thermal analysis. The influence of the partial replacement of portland cement by calcined clay on the strength development was eAtrated until the age of 365 days. The pcrcentagc of ccmcnt replacement, by weight, ranged from 20 to 42% whereas the water/cement ranged from 0.37 to 0.45. The CO? emissions associated with portland cement production were determined as well as the emissions that can be avoided replacing portland cement by the calcined-clay brick. The results show that the crushed waste presented a good pozolanic activity and that the compressive strength of the blended mortars was higher than that observed for the control mixture for all ievels of cement replacement. The reductions in CO2 emissions can be achieved if pozzolanic materials such as calcined-clay brick is adequately used as cement replacement.


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