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Title: Performance-Based Hydraulic Cements of the New Millennium

Author(s): S. 1. Sarkar and J.C. Roumain

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 202


Appears on pages(s): 125-146

Keywords: ASR; blended cement; cement specifications; DEF; durability; performance-based; portland cement

DOI: 10.14359/10778

Date: 8/1/2001

This paper provides a brief historical perspective on the development of cement, a look at common problems and solutions, and a statement of the current status of cement production and applications, particularly in USA. The authors further give their assessment ofthe need for performance-based standards and offer a look forward to characteristics that the cements ofthe future will need to incorporate. As we step into the new millennium and portland cement crosses1 75 years ofage, global cement consumption is stretching towards the 1.5billionton mark. Although cement strength has increased significantly since the Aspdin era, new challenges for the cement industry loom as we enter the new millennium. One of hese is to abide by the Kyoto agreement to reduce atmospheric CO? emissions. Binary-, ternary-, and quaternary- component blended cements appear to offer viable solutions for achieving this environmental target. Since there is an imminent need to move away from prescriptive to performance-based cement specifications, provisions will have to be made for performance-oriented blended cements to deal with the key issue of the low-clinker-factor cement.


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