Moment Redistribution in Flat Plate Floors


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Title: Moment Redistribution in Flat Plate Floors

Author(s): B. Vijaya Rangan and A. S. Hall

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 81

Issue: 6

Appears on pages(s): 601-608

Keywords: flat concrete plates; floors; loads (forces); moment distribution; reinforced concrete; reinforcing steels; structural analysis; structural design.

Date: 11/1/1984

Reinforced concrete structures are capable of significant redistribution of internal forces between the untracked state and maximum load. Results obtained from tests on large-scale models of edge panels of reinforced concrete flat plate floors subjected to uniformly distributed vertical load are presented. Test results showed that between the untracked condition and the maximum load there was a considerable redistribution of moments, the two support moments and the midspan moments varying by about 50 percent. This suggests that in the design process, any analysis involving a high degree of refinement is quite unnecessary and bears no relation to reality. The tests also indicated high moment intensity opposite the column face with a substantial drop in moment just beyond. Based on this study, simple rues for the design of reinforcement in edge panels of flat plate floors are proposed.